Origin Story

At Rimm, we believe sustainability management is best understood and practiced like any other critical business function such as finance and operations. Rimm was born from our founder’s experience in the investment banking industry, where he realized that there was a dire need for accessible, everyday sustainability solutions. This led to the creation of Rimm (Real Impact Matters Most) and our products, myCSO and manage+, an end-to-end suite of sustainability solutions like a Chief Sustainability Officer would. We worked extensively with global sustainability teams at large and small companies to create a comprehensive suite of tools that would appeal to sustainability practitioner with its utility, simplicity, productivity and cost.

The Meaning of Rimm

We stand for Real Impact Matters Most. This is why we draw inspiration from the idea of connection and simplicity. We want to relate to the people and our corporate identity is an expression of this, where our Rimm logo’s curved edges creates a friendly and approachable connection while the continuous flow between letters roots us in technology. A single line means that the start and finish can be extended to suit a number of different sustainability use cases, for every organization, big and small. We drive positive impact through technology and accessibility.

The Founders

Ravi Chidambaram

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

A strong believer in ethical, purpose-driven, and environmental-focused principles, Ravi Chidambaram has brought much value to the community through his knowledge and expertise. He shares his insight as a Professor of Sustainability at Yale-NUS and as a global commentator on sustainability issues. Now a serial entrepreneur, he is currently working on his 4th start up. Ravi started his career in the investment industry and has held international leadership positions across the US, Europe and Asia. It was there where he realized the need for sustainability that is both accessible and actionable, resulting in the creation of Rimm.

Dr Tommy Tan

Chief Technology Officer

With 30+ years of experience as a leading investment banker under his belt, Dr Tommy Tan has a proven track record in building new and successful businesses since 1984. He now heads a few tech start-ups focusing on disrupting the financial industry, including Rimm, where he leads an international team of developers in optimizing the platform for the end-user. Dr Tommy Tan personally believes in bringing in a regular stream of ideas to challenge old assumptions so that new opportunities are created for every company.

Key Team

Audrey Fages

Chief Operations Officer

With her experience of transforming companies as a COO across various industries, Audrey oversees the operations of the company and ensures that workstreams are kept on track to help Rimm’s clients drive their sustainability through our platform, and create real impact across their industries.

Vivek Aswani

Chief Commercial Officer

With his managerial and directorial experience in building and growing companies, and his expertise in strategy and business development across various industries and sectors, Vivek oversees the sales and BD processes at Rimm to drive rapid growth and global impact.

Dr Leeya Hendricks

Chief Marketing Officer

Leeya has held executive roles across financial services and technology and has led global portfolios driving impactful brand awareness, demand generation, growth marketing initiatives that will further our mission around sustainability and create impactful value with and for our clients.

Dr Geraldine Bouveret

Chief Research Officer

Géraldine has a diverse and immense background in academia and oversees Rimm’s research direction, providing new insights and models to develop Rimm’s methodology, which drives the knowledge behind the platform, simplifying sustainability through her expertise.

Dr Faddy Ardian

Chief Data Scientist

Dr Faddy Ardian manages Rimm’s large and proprietary database, ensuring that data is kept up to date for all clients and employees for easy analysis of data. This wide database aims to assist companies in making sustainability decisions by driving understanding through data.

Masashi Yamashita

Chairperson, Director, Rimm Japan Inc.

With his expertise in corporate strategy and business models, Masashi leads Rimm’s Japan office and ensures that work streams are operating smoothly. This allows the development of Rimm’s continued presence in the Japan market for ESG and Sustainability Solutions.

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr Kim Schumacher

Dr Kim Schumacher has been appointed as the Chair of the board. Dr Schumacher is a lecturer in Sustainable Finance and ESG at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is currently a member of the GRI Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB). He is also a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) and sits on the ISO Technical Committees on Sustainable Finance (TC 322) and Environmental Management (TC 207). He also belongs to Technical Working Groups of Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB), the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), and the Green Finance Network Japan (GFNJ).

Dr Lee-Ann Sade Modley

Dr Lee-ANN Sade Modley is a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of Department of Geography, Environment management and Energy in the Faculty of Science at the University of Johannesburg. She holds a PhD in Water Management from UJ and has been deeply involved with the water services industry with a particular focus on communities.

Dr Dragon Yongjun Tang

Professor Dr Dragon Yongjun Tang has a background in Finance and received his Phd from the University of Texas at Austin in 2005. He has taught at the University of Texas Austin and Kennesaw State University before joining The University of Hong Kong as an Associate Professor of Finance in 2013. Dr Dragon’s current research interests revolve around credit risk, credit derivatives, and Chinese banking and credit markets. His research articles have been published in the Journal of Finance and Journal of Financial Economics and have received numerous research awards.

Dr Hugues Chenet

Dr Hugues Chenet is an Honorary Research Fellow at University College London and a Research Associate at the Chair Energy and Prosperity Foundation. After getting his PhD at the Institute of Earth Physics of Paris, he worked as a researcher and a risk management consultant before co-founding the 2° Investing Initiative think tank in 2012.

Dr Pedro Baiz

Dr. Baiz has a background in engineering with extensive experience in academia and industry (consultant in data-driven projects with organisations such as Heathrow Airport, HSBC and many more). He has deep knowledge of Data technologies (e.g. Machine Learning, IoT) and Digital Transformation.

Dr Xuanyi Sheng

Dr. Xuanyi Sheng is currently an Infrastructure Finance Consultant at the World Bank. Since she joined the World Bank Group in 2019, she has primarily worked on the project “Enhancing the financial sustainability and commercial viability of BRTs in SSA” and other transport infrastructure technical assistance and debt development projects.

Dr Soh Young In

Dr. Soh Young In leads research on Financial Innovation at the Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFI) of the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford University. She is also a Research Director of Sustainable Smart City Finance at the Stanford Center at the Incheon Global Campus (SCIGC). Her research interest is to align the financial system with a low-carbon economy and catalyze sustainable finance.

Rimm’s 2022 Sustainability Report

Our Sustainability Report for the year 2022. At Rimm, sustainability is at the core of our identity and operations. With our overarching goal of democratizing sustainability, we understand the significance of walking the talk and embodying responsible business practices.

Download our 2022 Sustainability Report

Rimm's Sustainability Report 2022

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