Sustainability for all, curated for your organization

We understand that sustainability differs widely for each organization. Introducing Rimm-In-A-Box, a customized bespoke solution utilizing a plug-and-play model that combines specialized building blocks to make a customized solution, just for your organization.

The Customized

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Multiple choice menus, configured by customer or Rimm, delivered in any form.

Are you a multinational corporation or bank that requires a high level of customization for your organization? Rimm-In-A-Box enables you to create your very own:

Professional Services

  • Your own turnkey ESG Solution
  • White-labeled
  • Reporting and/or Analytics focused

Increase Revenues


  • ESG & ISO Certifications
  • Supply Chain Assessment
  • Carbon Management

Manage Risks

Financial Services

  • ESG Assessments for Client Portfolios
  • Risk Ratings
  • KYC/Compliance tools
  • Portfolio Analytics and Reporting

Revenues/Risk Management

Why Rimm-In-A-Box?

Integrate with ease, without disruptions to your existing processes

Fuss-free implementation that can be shaped to your existing digital platforms and business processes, enhancing your sustainability journey.

Suited for any use case

Be it risk or revenue management, a sustainability solution can be curated to what your organization needs through Rimm’s unique building blocks and IP.

Connect deeply with your ecosystems

Boost engagement within your value chain by integrating sustainability into your business, identifying key risks and building upon opportunities.

Want to know more about how Rimm-In-A-Box can help your organization boost growth and simplify sustainability?

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