For SMEs

We want to simplify the path to sustainability for SMEs

All-in-one AI sustainability platform with the essentials that helps SMEs kickstart their sustainability journey, guiding them in managing, tracking and reporting their sustainability performance. Comply to international standards and frameworks, access insights, holistically improve performance, and generate sustainable value.

Unlocking actionable sustainability for your business

With myCSO powered by our proprietary AI technology, you can now track and manage your sustainability all from one place. Craft your own sustainability journey according to your industry requirements and align with international standards and frameworks.

Suitable for companies who are required to disclose for TCFD, SDG, GRI, SASB, GRESB, SFDR, and more!

Gain access to the benefits of sustainability

Made to lower the barriers to entry for sustainability solutions, generating impact which complements your business growth, increases operational efficiency and manage stakeholder expectations.

Align with global standards and frameworks

Automatically generate sustainability reports that comply with global sustainability standards and frameworks such as GRI, SASB, TCFD, SFDR, SDG and many more all curated to your industry.

Data analytics to your advantage

Benchmark your sustainability performance against data on over 18,000+ companies to help you make informed decisions, mitigate risks and strategically position your organization in your industry.

Prepare for business growth and stand out by gaining a competitive edge in an ESG-conscious business environment through our automated platform and keep your costs low with minimal investments.