Unison Capital

One of Japan’s most well-known private equity fund, Unison Capital focuses on the growth of mainly mid-cap companies in the healthcare, consumer and B2B services industry.

What was the problem they were trying to solve?

Unison Capital was looking for a solution that will give them a complete overview of their portfolio’s sustainability performance as well as easily report their performance to their LPs.

How did Rimm help?

Rimm developed a dashboard that enables fund managers to assess their portfolio’s performance on key metrics as well as easily report the performance to their LPs. This reduced time and resources for all stakeholders while making the assessment and reporting much clearer. We can tailor the dashboard towards the key KPIs and metrics for each fund or for specific reporting and can be adapted to different management scenarios.


“We invested in Rimm in June 2020 and have begun collaborating on the development of a platform applicable to private equity funds targeting small to mid-cap companies. The project has made steady progress, and we plan to be able to implement Rimm’s services across our Fund IV and Fund V portfolio companies towards the end of 2021. This project taking shape will enable us to better visualize corporate sustainability across our portfolio, and offer concrete, detailed advice towards portfolio company management for improving corporate sustainability.”

Osamu Yamamoto
Managing Partner

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