Streamline sustainability data management, reporting, and monitoring. Meet your ESG compliance obligations efficiently and integrate these essential workstreams into your everyday business operations. Avoid legislative risks and effectively enhance your ESG performance.


Navigate through ESG disclosures

Our proprietary assessment tool aligns to the emerging winners among industry frameworks (CSRD, TCFD, UN SDGs, UN Positive Impact Initiative etc.) and involves detailed desktop analysis powered by Rimm with input from selected stakeholders (management, Board, investors, colleagues etc.). We present and report the findings of our assessments to business leaders as a basis for strategic ESG planning and considerations.

The Rimm Assessment is dynamically generated based on the following:



Industry Materiality

Product Use Case: Framework Reporting

Access dynamically mapped ESG frameworks

Customize your sustainability report to major ESG standards and framework based on your geographical location. Rimm has a growing library of 4000+ questions that are generated based on multiple standards and exchanges.

ESG & Sustainability Standards

Compliance made easy

Adopting the myCSO solution will ensure that your company is automatically up to date with global standards and frameworks like TCFD, SFDR, CSRD, GRI and more. We have the ability to support all business related ESG assessments including stock exchanges, supplier due diligence and many others.

Customized Reports

Advanced analytics, packaged in many ways

Explore a variety of customization options that you can use to highlight certain sustainability aspects of your business to stakeholders that matter, including impact reports, compliance reports and more.


Understand where you stand amongst your peers and gain a competitive advantage

With a data repository of over 20,000+ companies which are spread across several geographical locations (Americas, Europe, Africa Oceania and Asian-Pacific regions), benchmark your company’s ESG rating against fellow peers’. Get relevant data that you can utilize immediately to grow your business.

Our data repository consists of:

More than 100 data points per company

More than

100 data points per company

More than 26 million ESG data points

More than

26 million ESG data points

More than

1 million Social and Normal media reviews

Product Use Case: Benchmarking

Analyze data in a customized and actionable manner

Compare your ESG performance against Rimm’s 20,000+ company database. To provide consistent ESG scores against standard KPIs, Rimm uses a uniform benchmarking and scoring system. Client preferences are focused on tailored scoring and benchmarking.

Risk Management

Boost your business continuity and make it future-proof

Get a full overview of your risk profile with the Rimm Risk Rating Tool which translates critical ESG data to quantify risk exposures, relevant and contextualized to your business for future-proofing, ensuring continual growth.

Overall Sustainability Score

Complete Rimm’s material assessment.

ESG Risk score

Based on each metric, a breakdown of an E, S and G risk score is computed across the related topic risks identified.

Business Risk Score

Subsequently, a business risks profile is computed – breaking down business risks scores and how much your company is exposed to these risk.

Product Use Case: Risk Rating and Monitoring

Identify and manage ESG and company risks

Make informed decisions based on your data to manage ESG issues, set and track targets, and improve your sustainability risk profile. Material risk monitoring, tailored risk insights, and holistic ESG management are some of the ways Rimm gives you continuous visibility into how ESG impacts your company’s strategy and operations.

Supply Chain

Integrate sustainability across your value chains

Our unifed and comprehensive supply chain solution helps you streamline your supplier engagement to help you measure, analyze and significantly improve your scope 3 emissions. Our solution can help you effectively reduce your supplier emissions significantly, driving growth.

Analyze Supplier Emissions

For Manufacturers

For Manufacturers:

  • Distribute customized supply chain assessments to all its suppliers.
  • Aggregate data all in one place.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your supply chain, total emissions, other key ESG metrics, benchmarked to industry peers.

For SMEs and larger enterprises

For SMEs and larger enterprises:

  • ESG Assessment and Report both aligned to international standards and frameworks.
  • Qualify easily for global supply chains, trade finance, etc.
  • Access to ESG data from SMEs in key international supply chains.
  • Audit layer can be added to facilitate trade finance decisions.