For Ecosystem Partnerships

Building sustainability into the core of your business ecosystems

Transform your value chains into a community of catalysts that collaboratively work towards the combined goal of a sustainable future, where businesses benefit and the planet prospers.

What are ecosystem partnerships all about?

To help leading corporations integrate sustainability into their widespread ecosystems through our customized solutions. We understand that needs are different, which is why our solutions can be adapted accordingly to each use case.

How can ESG be powered in your ecosystem?

Large companies and SMEs have a mutual relationship where they are connected as clients, suppliers, and customers. SMEs rely on large companies for investments and business opportunities. Rimm’s tools drive and power sustainability throughout this ecosystem through various applications.

Why ecosystem partnerships?


Customized to specific sustainability needs

Solutions that can be adapted according to what you and your ecosystem needs, curated to ensure that it generates value for your business and for the planet.

Connect you and your stakeholders to one vision

Align your goals with your relevant stakeholders and gain greater visibility over sustainability performance across your value chains, identifying risks and maximizing opportunities.

Integrate sustainability easily into existing business processes

With regulations around sustainability increasing, stay ahead of the rest by digitally integrating key sustainability processes seamlessly into your existing strategy, including Risk Ratings and Compliance.