SDG Impact

SDG Impact Japan is one of the first investment and advisory companies in Japan to specialize in sustainable finance.

About the project

SDG Impact Japan, in collaboration with Rimm Sustainability, wanted to create a proprietary True Materiality Methodology by identifying the growth and ESG goals of a selected group of portfolio companies, including the main cost drivers of selected companies and the industry as a whole.

Rimm’s contribution

With continued devotion to providing up-to-date advice and guidance to their portfolio companies, Sasja Beslik (Chief Investment Strategy Officer, SDG and Senior Advisor, Data Analytics for Rimm) is working with Rimm’s data experts to develop a proprietary methodology on True Materiality.

  • Together with our data experts, SDG and Rimm is conducting a research piece involving the study of annual reports, sustainability reports as well as financial reports of selected portfolio companies to recognise their growth and ESG goals, thereby identifying the main cost drivers of selected companies and the industry at large.
  • The output of this project will be a True Materiality methodology that can be rolled out and sold to other asset managers through our platform or API delivery as well.