Strategy & Advisory

Designed to support you in your journey towards integrating sustainable and responsible business practices. Access curated guidance, expertise and tools to help you develop and execute effective ESG strategies, identify your risks and opportunities, engage stakeholders and continuously improve ESG performance.

True Materiality

Zoom into critical ESG topics, relevant for your business

Get holistic insights into the most pertinent ESG topics that could impact a company’s long-term financial performance. Effectively enhance your business strategy and resource allocation, boosting continual growth.

Revenue/cost drivers research

Determine if a company can continue to grow earnings over the long term.

ESG Linkage

ESG indicators, both qualitative and quantitative, that could impact performance are identified.


Ranking of both qualitative and quantitative indicators which will highlight.


To provide more holistic views, we also compare a company’s performance (based on self-reported ESG data) with both peers and also alternative, third-party views.

Transition Risk 360

Remain financially vigilant in the face of climate-related risks

Climate change is an inevitable part of our future and the transition risks generated from this can majorly impact the financial stability of your company.

This is where Transition Risk 360 (TR360) comes in. The TR360 tool assesses your company’s transition risk as the market moves towards a low-carbon economy. Adopting a scenario-based approach, TR360 will project key macroeconomic variables along potential transition pathways, and how this transition risk may impact your financial projections.

Protect your business against the inevitable risks of climate transition change

Tailor-made and forward-looking

An assessment designed with the right level of data granularity that will highlight your transition risk exposures.

Simplified metrics relevant to your organization

Specific mitigation pathways based on the climate-risk exposure assessment will translate economic impacts into key financial risk metrics.

Defined targets for you to take action

Identification of relevant metrics that translate the financial exposure to actionable targets for your organization.

A dedicated dashboard to track progress

Compare your progress against your targets to ensure that you’re actively working towards your goals.

Carbon Triangulation

Take your carbon emissions calculations further 

At Rimm, we want to help and support our clients in the most accurate way to calculate their carbon emissions. Rimm’s unique carbon triangulation takes a 3-fold approach to give our clients maximum accuracy.

Leverage the power of 3 cutting-edge tools to zone in on your true carbon emissions.

Rimm Carbon Calculator Tool 

Get an instant overview of your scope 1 and 2 emissions through the carbon calculator.

Easily distribute carbon-focused supply chain assessment to relevant suppliers to get a holistic perspective of Scope 3 emissions.

Third Party Carbon Accounting Tool

Tap into an ecosystem of certified carbon accounting platforms and strategic partners of Rimm to ascertain your emissions.

Carbon Emission Estimation Tool

Access Rimm’s database and machine learning expertise to estimate carbon emissions for any unknown entity to help you make strategic decisions.

Data Analytics

Insightful metrics that empower your sustainability journey

Providing end-to-end AI solutions for ESG management, Rimm can support a wide range of use cases and business objectives at various stages of ESG maturity. We help you move beyond mere reporting by increasing your corporate sustainability strategy and managing material ESG issues.


Product Use Case: ESG Database

Benefit from one of the largest ESG databases in the world

Generate an accurate sustainability report by leveraging Rimm’s wide variety of data by geography, industry and type of company. More than 2,000 companies are added to our database every month.

ESG database

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