Debunking ESG Myths Episode 7

Debunking ESG Myths EP. 07- Climate Change: Can we prioritize adaptation over mitigation?

How effective are our current strategies against climate change?
In this episode, Ravi Chidambaram welcomes Professor Benjamin Horton, Director of the Earth Observatory at NTU, to tackle this pressing question. They discuss vital climate change issues, debunk common myths, and explore the impact of the Paris Protocol. Professor Horton shares his insights on climate mitigation and adaptation, emphasizing the urgent need for global action. The conversation highlights the pressing realities of climate change, backed by data and years of research, urging immediate and comprehensive measures to address this global crisis.


00:00 | Why should we care about climate change myths?

03:55 | What does current research say about the state of climate change?

07:20 | How effective is the Paris Protocol in combating climate change?

16:55 | What are the common misconceptions about climate mitigation?

21:51 | Can climate adaptation offer better solutions?

22:55 | What are the economic implications of ignoring climate change?

28:56 | How can businesses and governments effectively respond to climate change now?

34:08 | What are the next steps for individuals and organizations concerned about climate change?



Professor Benjamin Horton is the Director of the Earth Observatory of Singapore, situated at Nanyang Technological University. He has won several research awards from the European Geosciences Union, American Geophysical Union, and the Geological Society of America and has published over 240 articles in peer-reviewed journals about climate change, natural hazards, and sea-level rise. He is also an editor for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 6th Assessment Report and a Member of the World Climate Research Programme’s Grand Challenge.

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Ravi Chidambaram is the Founder and President of TC Capital, a pan-Asian boutique investment bank based in Singapore that specializes in M&A advisory and growth capital transactions in Asia. It is recognized and awarded as one of the best independent investment banks in the region. He is also Executive Director and Co-founder of Rimm, a tech-driven sustainability management platform, that helps companies and fund managers improve their sustainability reporting and performance.  He has been active in sustainability for many years, as an Adjunct Professor in Sustainability at Yale-NUS College and also a board member and investor in several impact ventures.

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Rimm which stands for “Real Impact Matters Most” provides intuitive yet comprehensive sustainability tech solutions that assist all companies, whether big or small, with intelligent AI-driven tools for highly accessible and impactful sustainability management, reporting and optimization. Created and led by experts, our solutions revolve around inclusivity and accessibility, focusing on democratizing sustainability for all.

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Welcome to Debunking ESG Myths, a podcast where we debunk, demystify and deconstruct some key ESG preconceptions with unfiltered knowledge and data from key experts in the field. I’m Ravi Chidambaram, the CEO and founder of Rimm Sustainability. We’re an impact-driven tech company that advocates making sustainability accessible and actionable to all.

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