TCS John Huxley

Established 50 years ago, TCS John Huxley is the world’s leading UK-based manufacturer and supplier of end-to-end live gaming solutions and services with an emphasis on cutting-edge technology.

What was the problem they were trying to solve?

TCS John Huxley wanted to set in motion their ESG journey by producing a sustainability report to better understand their own performance and how they faired against their peers in the industry.

How did Rimm help?

Rimm were proud to produce the first Sustainability Report for TCS John Huxley, the Sustainability Report went above and beyond anything before seen in the Gaming Equipment Industry by including within the report

  • A materiality assessment using international sustainability standards, peer disclosure research, and media materiality to identify the KPIs for TCS John Huxley
  • Performance benchmarking against peers narrowed down from our ever- expanding bank over 12,000 companies that Rimm currently holds data on
  • Rimm Scoring for each KPI based on percentile benchmarking, global best practices, policies, disclosures and non-disclosures


Our client was able to confidently and comprehensively understand their KPIs, performance and benchmarking compared to their peers.

Our platform enabled the client to set actionable and achievable sustainability targets, whilst allowing them to market themselves as stewards of sustainability in the gaming equipment industry.


“Our stakeholders were pleased with our initiatives, and we soon became one of the first companies in our sector to issue a sustainability report.”

– Tristan Sjoberg
Chairman and CEO

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