For Portfolio Managers

A bird’s-eye view of your portfolio’s sustainability performance

Hassle-free ESG data management. Gain transparency and boost engagement across your whole portfolio with myCSO for asset/fund managers. Easily track and manage your sustainability reporting, data and ESG compliance all from one dashboard.

Easy Compliance

Meet TCFD and SFDR requirements

Aligned with the relevant international standards and frameworks such as TCFD, SFDR, ILPA and EDCI (GRI, SASB for portfolio companies) so that compliance and reporting is hassle-free.

Aggregate ESG Performance

Compare sustainability metrics across your organization

Get a holistic overview of your portfolio’s sustainability performance and keep track of their progress seamlessly from one dashboard, all generated in one click.

Data analytics

Access data to power your strategy

Analyze and benchmark performance, track key KPIs, extract insightful data that benefit both you and your portfolio.

Portfolio Engagement

Boost communication with portfolio companies

Allows your portfolio companies to embark on a sustainability journey on their own, allowing them to reap the benefits and understand their own sustainability metrics.

Align with Green Taxonomy

The green taxonomy determines whether an investment is sustainable or not. A threshold or target can be used to assess and identify activities or assets that contribute to climate change, social change, green and sustainable development. The main aim behind green taxonomy is to prevent greenwashing and help investors make greener choices.

Rimm’s specific AI-powered tools align with all 6 objectives (climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, the circular economy, pollution, effect on water, and biodiversity) necessary to judge a green investment:

Biodiversity Tracker

Tool that maps your company’s biodiversity footprint and resulting impacts.

Greenwashing Sonar

Analyzes public ESG disclosures for accuracy in claims and data.

SDG Impact Tracker

A more quantitative methodology that assesses alignment with SDGs and tracks progress over time.