Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024: Equality and Inclusion at Rimm

Happy International Women’s Day! For this year’s theme of #InspiringInclusion, we take a look into how DE&I are embedded into the core of Rimm and into our own lives.

Why is International Women’s Day important?

Every year since its inception the world celebrates International Women’s Day, placing a spotlight on the achievements of women and raising awareness of the need to continually strive for women’s equality. Through leadership, activism and education, women have profoundly shaped the world we live in today, and the COVID-19 pandemic shined a spotlight on the critical role women play in services essential to society. Despite this, economic disparity and uneven access to certain opportunities still exist between men and women, highlighting the joint need to both celebrate the achievements of women today and raise awareness of the changes needed for the women of tomorrow. 

How are equality and inclusion considered at Rimm?

As an organization that champions the uptake of more environmental, social, and governance-driven decision-making, equality and inclusion are important topics for us to engage with and act on. 

Championing equality and inclusion as a workplace
With offices in Singapore, London and Japan, our workplace is culturally and racially diverse, something which we value as an organization as a diverse workforce means multiple viewpoints and experiences, which supports innovation and creativity. From c-suite to interns, women sit at all levels of our business and represent almost half of our employee base.

Including social factors in our ESG assessments 
Equality and inclusion are key facets of social responsibility, and firms who wish to improve the social aspects of their operations must first measure how they are currently performing. When completing certain ESG assessments on our platform, myCSO, companies are asked questions related to equality and inclusion such as the gender ratio in their employee base, board diversity and certain welfare indicators in their supply chain. By collecting this data and comparing it to global standards or benchmarking it to their peers, organizations can identify where to start and what actions to take to improve equality within their business. 

Hear from the women at Rimm

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked Rimm employees what inspiring inclusivity means to them, and how they aim to do so in their everyday lives. 

“Inclusion is essential in creating a harmonious and safe environment for everyone to thrive and flourish, where no one is discriminated against for their background, gender or sexuality. Inspiring this movement starts by putting our foot down against inequality, in all aspects of our lives.”
~ Andrea Sim McWhinney, Brand and Product Communications Lead

“Building an integrated society is critical to address the major challenges confronting humanity.”
~ Geraldine Bouveret, Chief Research Officer 

“To me, inspiring inclusion means creating an environment where people feel psychologically safe to share their thoughts and ideas, regardless of who they are. Establishing this as a foundation is key to allowing people to feel included and valued, both in and out of work.”
~ Lauren Satchwell, Integrated Marketing Lead

“To me, #InspireInclusion encompasses various principles, but foremost among them is the recognition that we all inhabit the same planet and must respect each individual regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or beliefs.”
~ Susana Cristina Moreira Pedro , Product Manager


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