Celebrating International Women’s Day at Rimm #EmbraceEquity

Join us in celebrating and recognizing the achievements of women and explore how they are leading the charge towards a more sustainable future!

Happy International Women’s Day! This year, the theme is “Embrace Equity,” highlighting equity as a must-have in today’s society.

Women are taking the traditionally male-dominated tech and sustainability industries by storm, and studies have shown that companies with greater gender diversity at the top perform better financially and are more likely to prioritize sustainability in their operations. We also find many women at the forefront of social impact initiatives, whether it’s through philanthropy, community organizing or social entrepreneurship.

Gender equality and diversity and inclusion (D&I) have become crucial performance indicators in almost all forms of ESG assessments and reports because, after all, ESG is not just about the E. There is a growing consensus among investors, regulators, policymakers and corporations in favor of greater representation of women in leadership, gender-balanced workforces, and equal opportunity and empowerment for women.

By prioritizing gender-inclusive data and reporting, we stand to gain a more comprehensive understanding of sustainability and ESG issues and develop more effective solutions. Through a data-driven approach, organizations can identify risk areas and industry benchmarks for D&I so that they may take appropriate action as quickly as possible.

At Rimm, we commit to having gender-balanced teams and creating an inclusive and supportive work environment where all our employees can thrive. We recognize that gender equality is not just a moral imperative, but also a business imperative, and we strive to promote gender diversity and inclusion in everything we do. Hear from our team, below, as they share what embracing equity in the workplace means to them.

This International Women’s Day, we reaffirm our commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering women in pursuit of sustainability. We recognize that our work is not complete until all women are able to participate fully in creating a more just and sustainable world, and we pledge to continue working towards that vision.

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