Driving ESG growth for portfolio management in financial services: Key insights

Mr. Osamu Yamamoto from Unison Capital, an esteemed client and strategic partner of Rimm Sustainability participated in a webinar on 27th September 2023. Founder and CEO Ravi Chidambaram moderated the webinar, which was joined by Sasja Beslik, Senior Advisor for data analytics. Check out the key highlights below!

About the Webinar

This webinar explored how Rimm’s fund and asset manager ESG solution helps Unison Capital improve their portfolio business. The founder also engaged Sasja and Unison Capital in casual conversation in an informative and engaging manner. The discussion focused on how portfolio management can drive ESG growth in the financial services sector. Additionally, ESG reporting was discussed as an important aspect of financial institutions’ reporting.

Benefits and Challenges of ESG reporting

A discussion among the three industry experts began with everyone weighing in with their expert opinions on the benefits of ESG reporting for financial institutions. Some of the benefits highlighted were ease in obtaining government grants, tax reliefs, favourable fund-raising opportunities ease in investing etc. After that, Ravi went on to discuss some of the major challenges facing financial institutions. In Sasja’s opinion, most firms don’t care about sustainability or lack the resources or expertise to report on environmental, social and governance issues.

Advanced Analytics

The discussion then turned to technologies currently being developed to address financial institutions’ sustainability reporting challenges. Mr. Yamamoto emphasized the importance of education. Due to the lack of knowledge about sustainability reporting by many firms, interactive means should be used to educate them about such forms. Sasja spoke about his work with Rimm Sustainability on advanced analytics such as True materiality, Carbon Triangulation, Risk Approximation, and other tools designed to automate and simplify sustainability reporting to save time and resources compared to traditional approaches.

Rimm Sustainability x Unison Capital

A major highlight of Ravi’s closing remarks was how Rimm’s fund/asset manager solution enhanced Unison Capital’s ESG compliance. Rimm developed a dashboard that enables fund managers to assess their portfolio’s performance on key metrics as well as easily report the performance to their LPs. This reduced time and resources for all stakeholders while making the assessment and reporting much clearer. We can tailor the dashboard towards the key KPIs and metrics for each fund or for specific reporting and can be adapted to different management scenarios. Rimm’s flagship product myCSO was praised by Osamu Yamamoto for its unique ESG solution and its technology. “myCSO enabled Unison Capital to visualize corporate sustainability across their portfolio, and offer concrete, detailed advice towards portfolio company management for improving corporate sustainability.”

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