Highlights of Rimm’s Strategy And Bonding Week in Singapore

Rimm’s global team from Singapore, UK, Japan and Portugal gathered in Singapore for one week of strategy and team bonding sessions. Read on to find out about the experience!

Recently, our international teams from the UK, Portugal and Japan flew to Singapore for a productive week of bonding and strategizing for 2023. It was our first time bringing everyone together from our global offices, and we also had the chance to celebrate International Women’s Day with all the amazing women on our team.

To kick-off the week, we ran numerous strategy sessions with everyone to align our vision and goals for the year. Each department came together to discuss their goals, refine strategies and approaches, and share their plans with the rest of the team.

“The strategy sessions were a fantastic way to collaborate and share ideas! It was super informative and insightful to understand the goals and agenda for each team for the next year,” says Riya Sharma, Partnerships Manager in Rimm’s London office.

As we are currently in a very important stage in our growth, aligning our strategies is crucial in improving transparency and coordination across teams on our various projects and timelines. With 2023 poised to be a very critical year for us as a company, our time together helped to clarify our goals and how we plan to achieve them.

Apart from our strategy sessions, we also had the opportunity to visit a local permaculture farm to learn about sustainable farming practices. As we toured the farm, we explored how they set up self-sustaining irrigation systems and closed ecological systems. Towards the end, we got to relax with food and drinks made from natural ingredients found in the farm.

“It was inspiring to see how the volunteer community builds the organic farm using their expertise and trial and error of natural methods,” shares Wei Ti Goh, our data scientist from the Singapore office.

“Overall it was a great experience. I’ve gotten to know how badly we treat the soil, something we depend on to grow the food we need to survive, and how small and simple sustainable practices can be applied to restoring it,” says Fábio Duarte, our Head of Development based in Portugal.

On our third day, Rimm explored the city on an amazing race around Singapore, centered around Singapore’s areas of heritage and culture.

“The amazing race was a fun and exciting way to explore Singapore! Having never visited before, I really enjoyed getting to know the local areas and understand the heritage behind the different sites. Lots of lessons learnt and lots of team bonding!” says Riya.

We rounded off our strategy and bonding week with a delightful dinner at Barbary Coast, where we looked back on an eventful time together and had one last meal before our overseas colleagues had to catch their flights back home.

It was sad to say goodbye, but I think most of us at Rimm will agree that we had a wonderful time walking the talk and living our brand ethos, ‘Real Impact Matters Most’ (Rimm), as a team. We look forward to our next reunion!

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As Rimm continues to grow, we are looking to expand our team. If you are interested to join our team or know anyone who might be suitable, please head over to our LinkedIn Jobs Page.

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