RIMM x LTS Corporation

Rimm Japan Partners with LTS and ME-Lab Japan To Develop “Climate Hybrid Risk Indicators”

Rimm Japan Inc. and its parent company, Rimm Sustainability Pte Ltd. have entered a business partnership with LTS Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiary, ME-Lab Japan Inc., to conduct joint research on the development of new climate risk assessment indicators and provide services related to ESG assessment. Through this business partnership, we will be able to provide comprehensive support, from evaluating a company’s overall ESG issues to consulting on implementing improvement activities.

Details of the Business Partnership

Rimm, LTS, and ME-Lab Japan have now agreed to collaborate in the following two areas:

1. Support for Companies to Evaluate and Improve Their Overall ESG

Rimm offers advanced market understanding of ESG and a platform for digitizing corporate sustainability evaluations. Through its partnership with LTS and ME-Lab Japan, which provide climate management consulting services based on in-depth scientific knowledge of climate change, RIMM will combine the strengths and customer bases of the three companies to help more companies evaluate ESG in general and promote improvement activities based on the results of that evaluation. This collaboration aims to support the advancement of corporate ESG management and the sustainable growth of society and companies.

2. Joint Research into the “Climate Hybrid Risk” Index

LTS and ME-Lab Japan are collaborating with MetaEarth Lab, Inc., a Korean academic start-up, to develop services related to climate change risks, particularly physical risks (risk of physical damage caused by increased natural disasters and extreme weather). Meanwhile, Rimm has been developing services related to transition risks within the climate change risk spectrum (risks of responding to strengthened regulations by governments and other organizations and the transition to decarbonization technologies). Together, LTS, ME-Lab Japan, and Rimm will conduct joint research to develop new indicators and provide services regarding “climate hybrid risk,” which considers both physical risks and transition risks, with the aim of enabling companies to assess and consider risks due to climate change with greater accuracy.

About LTS Corporation

 LTS Corporation aims to be the best partner for the digital age, providing professional services centered on consulting to improve its clients’ ability to implement transformation, as well as operating a platform business that connects companies and talent in the IT industry to create new business opportunities.

About MetaEarth Lab, Inc.

MetaEarth Lab is a climate change startup from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, headed by Professor Kim Hyung-jun. It leverages specialized knowledge, networks, high-quality data, and models, along with “Earth digital twin technology” that recreates the real-world environment in cyberspace, enabling monitoring and simulation.

About ME-Lab Japan Co., Ltd.

ME-Lab Japan, a wholly owned subsidiary of LTS, was established on February 27, 2024 (capital: 18 million yen). ME-Lab Japan supports clients in promoting GX management, helping them accurately grasp and manage risks posed by climate change, and disclose non-financial information in accordance with global standards. By combining cutting-edge academic technology with business strategies, ME-Lab Japan aims to contribute to the realization of GX in Japan and worldwide.

Read the Japanese announcement here.

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