Rimm and ESG Advisory SEE Partnership Announcement

Rimm partners with ESG Advisory SEE to expand ESG solutions in Southeast Europe

We are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with ESG Advisory SEE, a software provider and an advisory firm, to expand our flagship product myCSO in Southeast Europe. This strategic partnership with ESG Advisory SEE enables us to expand our services across Europe with our flagship product myCSO, helping companies make sustainability easier, faster, and more economical with our modular solution to track, analyze and report on sustainability performance.

ESG Advisory SEE is a software provider and an advisory firm that helps financial organizations and the SME sector to achieve business growth that is aligned with sustainable and responsible principles. With over 20 years of experience in finance and IT with a focus on ESG, they are strategically connected to organizations across Southeast Europe, leveraging local networks and sector expertise, which will play a key role in expanding Rimm’s services across this region.

Rimm and ESG Advisory SEE, will help organizations of all sizes across Southeast Europe with our sustainability management and analytics solutions, including Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, Bosnia and Macedonia. With very few existing technology solutions for sustainability management and reporting currently in the SEE region, this partnership will play an integral role in supporting companies at the start of their sustainability journey and scale with them as their needs evolve. 

 “We are excited to join forces with ESG Advisory SEE, a company that shares our unwavering dedication to sustainability. Together, we aspire to create a meaningful impact by implementing innovative sustainability solutions.”

– Vivek Aswani, Chief Commercial Officer, Rimm Sustainability 

“With this partnership we bring globally acquired data and knowledge, and technology which is carefully designed to provide businesses with sustainable practices. The Balkan region and all market participants within this area now have access to Rimm’s advanced solution, which will guide their organizations to advance their environmental performance, and analyze how they govern their organization. We are proud that Rimm’s business model and service offering are aligned with our personal and business principles, with a clear aim to improve society and the environment, where we belong too!”

-Milorad Klačar and Vladimir Rajic, Co-Founders of ESG Advisory SEE

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