Debunking ESG Myths Episode 2

Debunking ESG Myths EP. 02 – RIP to ESG Ratings: Unveiling ESG’s Hidden Truths

In this episode “Debunking ESG Myths”, we scrutinize the ESG ratings industry, which is currently under intense scrutiny. With lawsuits, discontinuations, and discrepancies among ratings providers, it’s clear that the system needs improvement. Sasha sheds light on the industry’s challenges and offers insights into how ratings can better reflect a company’s sustainability and business model. Discover the evolution of ESG ratings, the need for forward-looking data, and how Rimm Sustainability is changing the game by linking ESG metrics to financial targets and real-world impact. Don’t miss this candid conversation that uncovers the true potential of ESG ratings and their role in shaping a sustainable future!


00:00 | Is the ESG Industry Under Scrutiny Today?

04:52 | How Did ESG Ratings Come Into Existence?

08:17 | Why ESG Ratings Today Tell Us Very Little About ESG

09:31 | Construction of an ESG Rating

11:28 | Is There Room for Improvement?

12:55 | Changing the ESG Rating Game

16:57 | Future for ESG Ratings

20:09 | Pathway Towards a Better World

21:16 | How Will Local Ratings Evolve?


Sasja Beslik is a Swedish and international financial expert known for promoting financial sustainability across the world. 

Sasja has helped catalyze the rise of ESG investing in Europe and the world, and is a recognized thought leader and practitioner in this space. The Stars fund he launched with Nordea in 2011 helped pioneer sustainable investment in Europe, and was awarded Sweden’s outstanding equity fund in 2017. His funds have consistently beaten the market, while achieving significant sustainability results for the listed companies.

Sasja was awarded a medal from His Majesty the King of Sweden for outstanding contribution to the environment and sustainability (2016), and he was recognized as a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum (2011). 

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Ravi Chidambaram is the Founder and President of TC Capital, a pan-Asian boutique investment bank based in Singapore that specializes in M&A advisory and growth capital transactions in Asia. It is recognized and awarded as one of the best independent investment banks in the region. He is also Executive Director and Co-founder of Rimm, a SAAS-driven sustainability management platform, that helps companies and fund managers improve their sustainability reporting and performance.  He has been active in sustainability for many years, as an Adjunct Professor in Sustainability at Yale-NUS College and also a board member and investor in several impact ventures.

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Rimm, which stands for “Real Impact Matters Most” provides an intuitive yet comprehensive SaaS platform that provides all companies, whether big or small, with intelligent tools for highly accessible and impactful sustainability management, reporting and optimization. Created and led by experts, the platform revolves around inclusivity and accessibility, focusing on unlocking an open world where sustainability is no longer elusive to the people.

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Welcome to Debunking ESG Myths, a podcast where we debunk, demystify and deconstruct some key ESG preconceptions with unfiltered knowledge and data from key experts in the field. I’m Ravi Chidambaram, the CEO and founder of Rimm Sustainability. We’re an impact-driven SaaS company that advocates making sustainability accessible and actionable to all.

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