Rimm Sustainability has signed a business alliance with Zeroboard, a provider of GHG emissions calculation, disclosure, and reduction solutions

Rimm Sustainability and Zeroboard have joined hands to democratize sustainability through tech and automation, read our press release below to find out more.

Rimm Japan (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Chairman & CEO: Masashi Yamashita) and Rimm Sustainability Pte Ltd. (Singapore; CEO: Ravi Chidambaram; hereinafter “Rimm”) announced today that they will collaborate with Zeroboard Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Michitaka Toketsugu; hereinafter “Zeroboard”), a solution that supports the calculation, disclosure, and reduction of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, on February 24, 2023, to consider providing services that contribute to Rimm’s ESG assessment. We aim to integrate the functions of both companies’ solutions by the end of FY2011.

The announcement was made at the MOU signing ceremony of the Asian Zero Emission Community (AZEC) Public-Private Investment Forum hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on March 3, 2012.

Rimm Japan Company Profile

Rimm Japan was jointly established by Rimm Sustainability Pte Ltd. of Singapore and SDG Impact Japan K.K. (co-presidents: Mari Ogiso and Bradley Busetto) to develop myCSO, a sustainability management assessment platform in Japan for the purpose of assessment improvement (co-presidents: Mari Ogiso and Bradley Busetto) to develop “myCSO,” a sustainability management assessment platform for the purpose of improving sustainability management in Japan.

About myCSO

Rimm, with its vision of “Sustainability for All”, provides a SaaS-type sustainability management platform based in Singapore that enables companies to conduct ESG assessments.

In recent years, an increasing number of companies have been implementing sustainability initiatives such as SDGs/ESG environmental management. In addition, with the growing interest in ESG investments, financial institutions, investment firms, and other investors in companies are also becoming more active in making investments and loans based around ESG contributions, such as green loans and positive impact financing.

However, these companies are currently forced to rely on costly consulting services by external experts, and rating and research firms to assess their ESG performance. The cost of such evaluations, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), is a bottleneck that restricts their ability in improving their sustainability performance.

Rimm’s platform enables companies to visualize the progress in which they have achieved their sustainability initiatives and to evaluate and score their sustainability efforts using AI. We aim to improve the sustainability of society as a whole.

Rimm Japan has also been selected as a recipient of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “Green Finance Foreign Business Start-up Support Program,” which supports foreign financial companies involved in green finance to establish operations in Tokyo.

Quotes from the involved parties:

Zero Board Corporation / Representative Director Michitaka Watakeiji

We are very pleased to have entered into a business partnership with Rimm, a Singapore-based developer of a sustainability management assessment and scoring platform. We are in a position to support companies in their decarbonization management by providing them with solutions specialized in the E (environment) of ESG, and we are in a good complementary relationship with Rimm, which is in a position to evaluate these solutions, both functionally and in terms of the geographic area of operation. We look forward to working with both companies to support decarbonization management aimed at increasing corporate value, as well as to promote initiatives that contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality on a global scale.

Rimm Sustainability Pte Ltd. / CEO Ravi Chidambaram

We are pleased to have signed an MOU with Zeroboard, a leader in decarbonization in Japan, for a business alliance. We are confident that the combination of Rimm’s rating systems in all ESG areas and the Zeroboard’s capabilities will help more companies in their sustainability efforts. We will also support the company’s overseas expansion by providing our accumulated data and knowledge.

Rimm Japan / Chairman of the Board Masashi Yamashita

We welcome the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for business cooperation with Zero Board. ESG initiatives, including decarbonization management, are an urgent issue in Japan. By organically combining the functions of Zero Board with those of myCSO, we believe we can assist companies at all levels in their sustainability management.

Read the Japanese press release here.

About Rimm Sustainability

myCSO is an accessible, end-to-end suite of sustainability solutions to address the sustainability needs of companies, as a Chief Sustainability Officer would. Developed by Rimm (Real Impact Matters Most) it helps small businesses measure, record, implement and assess actions which aid the delivery of greener business operations. The company leverages science, technology and data to make sustainability accessible and actionable for all, providing SMEs with the tools to advance on their sustainability journey.

Founded in 2020, Rimm is a SaaS company offering full sustainability management solutions to SMEs. The team is made up of sustainability, tech, ESG and data science professionals across three offices in London, Singapore and Tokyo.

For further information, please visit https://www.rimm.io/

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