Driving ESG Growth For Portfolio Management

Join us for an exclusive event with our client Mr. Osamu Yamamoto from Unison Capital where we will discuss how our asset/fund manager solution helped Unison Capital make drastic improvements to their portfolio business and how they intend to use Rimm’s solutions for their future projects. The webinar delves into trends and challenges in sustainability reporting, benchmarking, and data analytics, and how to ensure lasting sustainability performance and business growth focused on the financial industry.

Our panel discussion “Driving ESG portfolio management growth in financial services” brings together industry leaders, sustainability experts, and technology innovators in a sharing session that showcases the transformative potential of these Rimm’s tools. Whether you are a sustainability professional, a business leader, or someone interested in the intersection of technology and sustainability, this event is a must-attend.

The industry experts will focus on the following key areas during their conversation:

1. ESG portfolio management
2. Importance and need for ESG in financial industries.
3. Data auditing and transparency
4. Using AI for data collection and management
5. Challenges faced by institutions when implementing sustainability standards in APAC in comparison with EU.
6. How financial industries can improve their ESG ratings and their sustainability journey.
7. Innovation in ESG and future developments.
8. Rimm Sustainability and Unison Capital manage+ case study

Sustainability shouldn’t be complicated

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