GLy Capital Management

GLy Capital Management is a member of the Zhejiang Geely group of companies and is a leading Hong Kong-based Private Equity Firm. They focus on companies that redefine the transportation industry, including but not limited to smart cars, electrification, intelligent cities and materials.

What was the problem they were trying to solve?

GLy Capital wanted to understand their sustainability performance on an overall fund level for their Mobility Fund which consisted of 11 portfolio companies primarily within the automotive industry. They were looking for a solution that could analyze each portfolio’s sustainability performance and for the disclosures to align with the ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI).

How did Rimm help?

Rimm was able to create a report consisting of a comprehensive summary of GLy Capital’s Management’s Sustainability Approach and Portfolio Strategy with a detailed visualization of their portfolio structure. This was further supplemented by our bespoke myCSO solution tailored for fund managers, which helped GLy Capital Management gain a portfolio deep-dive, including analysis of ESG disclosures and performance over a standardized set of metrics, aligned to EDCI for each portfolio company as well as risks & recommendations. Through this, GLy Capital Management was able to make informed decisions to ensure continued sustainability in the future of their company, differentiating themselves from their competitors. 


​​Rimm played a pivotal role in crafting our fund’s sustainability report, aligning seamlessly with global standards. Their Portfolio Deep-dive, focusing on ESG disclosures and performance analysis, was thorough and insightful. Rimm provided clear risks and recommendations, empowering us to make informed decisions.

The insights gained from Rimm’s analysis have proven invaluable to GLy Capital Management. The identification of ESG disclosures and performance metrics has not only enhanced our understanding of our portfolio but has also positioned us as a responsible and sustainable entity in the financial landscape.

– Hrvoje Krkalo
CEO & Founding Partner