Unison Capital manage+ case study

Unison Capital makes concrete ESG reporting gains with Rimm

Rimm Sustainability’s manage+ platform has empowered private equity firm Unison Capital to save significant time and resources in collecting, reporting and monitoring sustainability data.

Rimm Sustainability’s manage+ platform has empowered Unison Capital to save significant time and resources in monitoring sustainability. A close collaboration between the two companies is now helping Unison Capital collect and report environmental, social and governance (ESG) information far more effectively and efficiently.

Unison Capital is a private equity firm based in Tokyo. It supports its portfolio companies with diverse, tailored approaches. These include strengthening management, revisiting business strategies, providing funds and resources, digital innovation and ESG initiatives.

Rimm developed manage+ as a solution that allows portfolio and fund managers to track and monitor sustainability metrics at their portfolio companies in a single, interactive dashboard. Rimm’s tailored manage+ dashboard for Unison Capital allows the private equity firm to collect key performance indicators for each portfolio company, and allows specific reporting.

Tailored sustainability gains

Unison Capital invested in Rimm Sustainability in June 2020 and has been collaborating on its own implementation of the manage+ platform.

Osamu Yamamoto, Chief Executive Officer at Unison Capital Management, PTE, LTD., has been involved with the Rimm project since inception. He said: “Rimm has helped us better visualize corporate sustainability across our portfolio companies. Rimm’s tailored and detailed guidance has also given us concrete steps we can take towards improving corporate sustainability in our portfolio companies – for example, offering detailed advice to management on how to make improvements. That has enabled our portfolio companies to make great progress towards sustainability.”

Unison Capital uses the manage+ digital platform to distribute Rimm’s short assessments to its portfolio companies. This helps generate a dashboard, analytics report, and benchmarking against peers to understand how the portfolio performed on sustainability.

Manage+ has also helped Unison Capital improve its reporting through the ESG data convergence initiative (EDCI) – a framework that helps private equity firms report to their limited partners on ESG data in portfolio companies. Unison Capital requests and collects EDCI metrics from its portfolio companies via manage+, then uses that data to report to its LPs. Though this reporting to LPs is voluntary, Unison Capital sees it as critical as it relies on their money to invest in firms.

Unison Capital is an investor, client and partner to Rimm and the two firms continue to engage regularly.

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