Powerful ESG solution for large enterprises. Are you a fund or asset manager? Get a bird’s-eye view of your portfolio’s sustainability performance.

Are you a large enterprise required to align with the complex mesh of sustainability frameworks and standards? Gain transparency and boost engagement across your whole portfolio with manage+. Easily track and manage your sustainability reporting, data and ESG compliance all from one dashboard in a single click.

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With increasing pressure from stakeholders for companies to disclose ESG metrics, portfolio managers need to ensure that their companies are maintaining good sustainability performances and practices.

Manage+ boosts communication with your portfolio companies. Aligns with the relevant frameworks such as TCFD, SFDR, ILPA and EDCI (GRI, SASB for portfolio companies). Keeps track of your portfolio’s sustainability performance seamlessly from one dashboard. Generates your portfolios aggregated metrics in one click.



Why manage+?

Easily meet TCFD and SFDR requirements

Aligned with the relevant international standards and frameworks so that compliance and reporting is hassle-free.

Compare and aggregate ESG performance

Get a holistic overview of your portfolio’s sustainability performance on one aggregated dashboard.

Access real data to power your strategy

Analyze and benchmark performance, track key KPIs, extract insightful data that benefit both you and your portfolio.

Hear what others have to say

“Rimm has helped us to better visualize corporate sustainability across our portfolio companies. Rimm’s tailored and detailed guidance has given us concrete steps towards improving our portfolio management when it comes to corporate sustainability and has enabled our portfolio companies to make great progress on their journey towards incorporating sustainability.”

Osamu Yamamoto
Managing Partner, Unison Capital

The manage+ journey


View all of your portfolio’s ESG data in one place for easy management.


Understand your portfolio’s sustainability performance, across all industries.


Auto-populate your ESG data to any LP or regulatory template for easy reporting.


Compare performance across industry peers and track key KPIs.


Identify and target areas of weakness to generate sustainable value across your portfolio.


Because of the amount of resources required to develop and maintain the product, we currently do not offer a freemium version of manage+. We recommend booking a demo to see how manage+ seamlessly simplifies ESG portfolio management.

manage+ allows fund and asset managers to track and display an aggregated dashboard of their portfolio companies’ sustainability performance. Whereas myCSO allows companies to track and measure their own sustainability performance. As a manage+ user, you will be able to provide your portfolio companies with access to myCSO.

The pricing model depends on the size of your portfolio as well as the features of myCSO that you wish to give your portfolio companies access to. We recommend booking a demo with our team so that we can understand the nature of your business and portfolio.