Driving Holistic Investment with Outcome-based Investing

Driving Holistic Investment: Sustainability Emphasis in Outcome-based Investing

In the intricate world of investments, a new paradigm is emerging. The canvas for Outcome-Based Investing (OBI) is expanding, traversing domains from mining and rare materials to oceans, gender equality, security, and beyond. These outcome vehicles represent a limitless array of possibilities, empowering investments to catalyze holistic change. Read more below!

The Essence of Outcomes vs. Impact

Outcome-based investing is a transformative approach that distinguishes between short-term, quantifiable outcomes and broader, long-term impacts. While outcomes signify specific, measurable changes that reflect a finite alteration, impacts delve deeper, envisioning the comprehensive effects of initiatives, encapsulating the transformation on a broader societal scale.

Placing Goals at the Center

At the core of OBI lies the strategic alignment of investment portfolios with personalized objectives. It’s a shift away from conventional benchmarks toward constructing portfolios tailored to individual goals. Flexibility, adaptability, and diversification are pivotal in maximizing the likelihood of achieving unique investment aspirations.

The Dawn of 2030: Emerging Markets and ESG Evolution

The future of ESG and Outcome investments appears poised for a significant shift, predominantly within the small and mid-cap space and outside developed markets. Emerging markets hold immense potential, presenting both challenges and unprecedented opportunities. Emerging markets present the biggest gap in funding a transition (an estimated USD2.5 trillion a year, compared to 0.1 trillion in advanced economies) but also some of the biggest opportunities. These regions often grapple with acute climate change impacts like floods, droughts, and crop failures. Directing institutional capital into these markets can bolster their financial systems, fostering growth and maturity.

The True Essence of Real ESG and Outcome Investing

Real ESG and Outcome Investing extend beyond conventional metrics and financial returns. It’s about investing in companies and markets that promise multidimensional returns—positive societal and environmental impacts alongside financial gains. Whether these investments outperform hinges on diverse factors, including the expertise of investment managers, regulatory developments, and evolving consumer preferences.  Yet, it signifies a step towards shaping a more sustainable and equitable future.

 How can Rimm help investors?

Rimm Sustainability’s bespoke solutions such as myCSO for fund managers, True Materiality and Transition risk 360 provides investors with accurate data curated by AI technology to help investors track and manage their portfolio’s ESG performance and make an informed investment decision based on industry metrics. Rimm can provide end-to-end AI solutions for ESG management and support a wide range of use cases and business objectives at various stages of ESG maturity.

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Sasja Beslik
Senior Advisor, Data Analytics

With 20 years of experience in advising multinational companies, Sasja Beslik is an expert in data analytics and creating strategies for integrating ESG into asset management. He also currently sits on Rimm’s esteemed advisory board.

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